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Tobacco Awareness Course Is Now Available

The Tobacco Awareness Course is available in both workbook and eLearning format and addresses all forms of tobacco use including vaping. This is not a smoking cessation course and it is not designed to educate individuals about the health risks associated with tobacco use. Rather, it challenges the thinking errors that are associated with nicotine addiction and equips students with thinking skills to avoid this harmful substance.

New & Updated Lifeskills Link Program Guide

Make sure you download and save the updated Lifeskills Link Program Guide. You will find newly created one page course overviews for each course which give you more insight into the course objective, application and skill development and a breakdown by unit. You will also be able to view these overviews when you are logged into your account and selecting the a course for your referral.

Evidence-Based Report of 1,137 US Probationers

We are proud of our accomplishments with US Probationers. View the full report for more details.

Completion Rate: 79.8%

Revocation Rate: 17.8%