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Announcing Early Intervention / Prevention Courses

ACCI Lifeskills is now serving junior high and high schools. We have infused our evidence-based cognitive life skills model into early intervetnion / prevetion courses. Learn more on our new website: www.educationlifeskills.com. Prevention! Isn't about time.

Check out ACCI's eLearning App. Google and Apple

Referred clients that are taking an eLearning course can choose to do so with our new app
Android: Click here to view the app on Google's Play Store.
Apple: Click here to view the app on the iTunes Store

New Feature: Live Look In For eLearning Referrals

Now you can view the typed in responses while the course is in progress as opposed to waiting until the course is complete. This adds another level of accountability and provides a good basis for targeted discussions with the client while they are in progress of completing their course.