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Marijuana Awareness in Hard Copy is Now Available

This is a unique course that is addressing a hot topic in our world today. This course does not focus on the political or scientific differences that surround marijuana use, rather it focuses on the deep seated thinking errors that is associated with marijuana abuse. You can find this course in both the adult and juvenile referral type options.

eLearning Anger Avoidance Course is now available.

This course is teaching the concept of Anger Avoidance as opposed to Anger Management. View the demo for this course here. You can find this course under the Juvenile eLearning referral type option.

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Referred clients that are taking an eLearning course can choose to do so with our new app. Click here to view the app on Google's Play Store. The iTunes app is forth coming. 

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ACCI Lifeskills has launched its evidence-based courses in eLearning format. Click here to view samples of our published courses. Our robust Learning Management System can be customized to your agencies and clients needs. Courses can be taken on desktop computers and mobile devices. The course content and cost is the same for each course. Contact us to learn more.