Prosocial mentors or coaches are included in the program to assist with, support, learning and positive relationship building. We believe that learning, changing and growing takes place in the context of a healthy relationship

Course Comments

Admin users can leave comments for the students typed in responses. Comments can be either validating or redirecting.

Text Notifications

Communicating with students via text messages increases accountability and engagement.

Email Reminders

Students, Coaches and Admin Users stayed engaged throughout the program by receiving timely reminders and notifications.


The Lifeskills Link course player has been designed for the mobile user in mind. Students can use their device of choice to complete a course.


Our intuitive and simplistic user interface helps admin users and students focus on what is most important.


We are collecting key data points without compromising privacy which informs our continuous improvement efforts.

Smart Dashboard

Admin users have actionable data on their dashboards that calls them to action and can build on the student learning and intervention. We are highlighting the student experience for the admin user to integrate into their follow up work with each student.

Single-Sign On

Students and Admin Users can log into their Lifeskills Link account from other supported web based applications. SSO significantly increases user engagement and makes accessing the program much easier.


The Lifeskills Link platform can work in the background and be integrated into any primary software that your organization is using. Student enrollment and tracking can all happen from within your main software system.


The Lifeskills Link LMS (Learning Management System) is saving student responses as they move from one page to the next. Nobody's hard work will be lost.